Love God. Love People. Love Life. Love Yourself. 

Here you will learn how to love God even when you don’t understand His plan, how to love people even when they hurt you, how to love life even when it seems hopeless, and how to love yourself despite having low self-esteem. 

Do you struggle with any of these? Then you are in the right place. 

~ Azanri Love

Letting go of the past

Lately I've been on a journey of self healing. I've been allowing myself to feel certain things from my past that I typically run away from or ignore. All of us have a past, and a lot of the time…

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God's Help (a poem I wrote when I was 16) 

Sometimes I'm scared and very afraid, 

Sometimes I worry and question these days. 

I thought I was strong, but I'm actually insecure, 

I thought I was wonderful, superior, and sure. 

I was decieved, only decieving myself, 

Thinking I could do…

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*The Real Me* 

When I really think about it, and just being honest with myself the only times I can remember truly being what God wanted me to was when I was 14 yrs old - 16yrs old. I consider those yrs very…

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Welcome to my new blog!

Hey guys! I've been meaning to do this for a while. For as long as I can remember I have always loved to write whether it be writing in journals, writing poems, or writing songs. I've always been better at…

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