Love God. Love People. Love Life. Love Yourself. 

Here you will learn how to love God even when you don’t understand His plan, how to love people even when they hurt you, how to love life even when it seems hopeless, and how to love yourself despite having low self-esteem.

Do you struggle with any of these? Then you are in the right place.

You deserve to be happy. 
You deserve to love and to be loved.
You deserve to live the life of your dreams. 
You are enough.

~ Azanri Love

Follow your heart

Follow your heart. ❤️ There is no right or wrong when you are being your true self. Be honest with yourself. Don’t be ashamed, don’t be embarrassed, and don’t be scared. You are not alone. You are loved. Be true…

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Unconditional Love

Everyone wants unconditional love, but few are willing to give it. People will disappoint you, but you have two choices. Stay and make it work, or walk away and move on. Don’t try to force someone to be what you…

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When you love yourself, you glow different

When you love yourself, you glow different. ✨ Confronting your past can be a painful process. It involves forgiving others who hurt you and mostly forgiving yourself. Letting go of your past is hard, but it is a lot easier…

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I am releasing my song "Changing" soon. I actually wrote and released this song years ago. The original version was me playing my piano and recording my vocals into GarageBand. A lot has changed since then lol, so I decided…

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Be proud of yourself

When you realize that you are already enough, you won’t keep trying to prove that you are. There’s beauty in imperfection. Next time you look in the mirror, be proud of the person looking back at you. Be proud of…

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Healing = Freedom

To experience healing is to experience true freedom. 🕊 Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’ve been holding onto until you let it go. When you heal, you let go of the version of yourself you created to survive, and…

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Break the cycle

Break the cycle of pain, break the cycle of confusion, break the cycle of self-doubt, break the cycle of toxic thoughts, break the cycle of fear, break the cycle of shame, break the cycle of hate...the list goes on. Break…

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You are enough

Other people’s actions don’t define you. Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life. It doesn't matter what's been written in your story so far. It's how you fill up the rest of…

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You deserve to live the life of your dreams

Been following my passions over my plans lately. Been finding the balance between paying the bills and following my dreams. This time last year I shot my first music video in LA. Lately I have started working on my music…

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You are worthy

So many times we focus on the things we do wrong instead of the things we do right. Mistakes don’t make us who we are, and more importantly making mistakes is a necessary part of the journey. When we make…

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