1. Changing

From the recording Changing


I’m changing
Into the real me
Who is the real me?
Tell me who I’m supposed to be
I’m changing
I’ve made some mistakes
They keep me awake
Sometimes I hate myself
For failing over and over
But I’m changing
The secrets I’ve kept
I’m here to confess
Sometimes my days aren’t always good
But I’m changing
And if I hurt you
I didn’t mean to
Because I love you
Yes I love you
I’m changing
And though I feel weak
Won’t let it kill me
Won’t let it break me
I’m changing
I’ll be the strong me
I’ll be the brave me
I know you’ll be proud of me
Oh yes my love
I’m changing
I’ll swallow my pride
Nothing left to hide
Cuz’ one day we’re gonna be free
I’m changing