Love is a beautiful thing

A lot of times when we have been hurt by other people we internalize it. Our subconscious starts to tell us to adjust our thoughts and actions toward other people to protect ourselves. The problem with that is we take out our hurt on people who don’t deserve it. We stop trusting and loving people in order to protect ourselves. One thing I’ve learned recently is you can’t properly love someone if you need them to validate you. Don’t take out your pain on others. Instead allow yourself time to heal first, then allow yourself to love and be loved. I’ve always been the type that was skeptical of love. I shut my heart down a long time ago because I believed that a man would always disappoint me, and I’m so used to most men always wanting something from me without caring what I want. I trained myself to be independent so that I wouldn’t need anyone. But now as I heal from those things that caused me to shut down in the first place, I’m realizing the beauty of loving and being loved. Love is a beautiful thing, and that’s what I want. I want something real.

Broken people...break people. Healed people...heal people. ❤️

I love you.

You deserve to love and to be loved.

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