You deserve better from yourself

For the most part we are pretty hard on ourselves. We tend to accept things that we don’t deserve, or we do things to others that they don’t deserve. This journey called life can be really confusing sometimes. We are all looking for our identity, our place in the world, the people we should love or let love us, what we’re passionate about, what our career should be, and what will ultimately make us happy. But the truth is, you existing is enough. You are enough. We spend so much time looking for answers that we don’t need because we want to feel important, we want to feel like we’re overcoming our past, and we want to feel like we’re somebody. But you already are. The things you think you lack you don’t. Most of it is mental. What you are searching for is already inside of you. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is accept ourselves flaws and all. Yes we’ve made mistakes. Yes there are times we could’ve done things better. Yes there are things we still have to learn. Yes there are still people we need to meet. Sometimes we feel lonely, sometimes we feel like we’re failing, sometimes life just feels heavy, like we’re running a race that we will never win. But the biggest thing you have to tell yourself, is that you are already winning. You don’t need outside sources to validate who you are. Who you are already exists. You don’t need people to validate you, and you don’t need a career to validate can validate you. Work is what you do, it’s not who you are. Your actions and what you do don’t ultimately determine who you are. Don’t judge yourself. Your mistakes don’t define who you are. People don’t define who you are. Your career doesn’t define who you are. Who you are already exists. And who you are is enough.

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