Love people for who they are, not who you want them to be

Often times we mistakenly love people because we want something from them. We manipulate situations to get what we want from people rather than loving them with no expectations in return. Most people look to other people to fill a void inside of them, but the truth is the only person that can fill the void is you. Most of the time when we are broken, we will do anything to feel better even if that means using other people. We don’t always recognize that is what we are doing because it takes bravery to really look at ourselves in the mirror. We look to other people to fix us instead. The issue with that is that the people we are looking to fix us also have issues of their own. They are also broken in their own ways. When we are only thinking of ourselves and what we can get from people, we totally miss the opportunity to truly love them. We all need love. None of us can truly love or be loved if we remain broken, and we will always remain broken as long as we look to people to fill the void. It is no one else’s job to fix you. In order to truly love someone for who they are, you have to love yourself for who you are. You have to truly look at yourself and figure out what went wrong. Then start to heal. Demanding more from other people won’t help because other people can’t fix you. You will only be more disappointed, more hurt, and more broken when you do that. Then you will also end up disappointing and hurting other people in the process. Broken people break other people. But if we begin to heal, we can all heal and love each other properly. 

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